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September 9, 2012
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MM: Xin Ku by lushan MM: Xin Ku by lushan
Points for SWORDS
Default App: 10,000 MP


Full Name: Ku Xin
(Read in a Chinese manner, it's Xin Ku, 新酷, last name first)

Age: 15

Height and Weight: 5'9'' (175cm), 145lbs.

Gender: Male

Year Level: Year One, Transfer

Weapon: Belt - As the only son to the CEO of a National News Corporation, Ku has been kidnapped, threatened, and harassed several times from an early age. Often finding himself defenseless except with this clothes on his back, Ku grew used to using his belt as a weapon during this time.

Arcana: Chariot
The Chariot represents two things best displayed through Ku - 1) the stubborn drive to win at all costs, and 2) a duality of nature. Ku's persona is a cute chimera with an opposite personality from Ku, suggesting that Ku may be more than just a flirtatious, and often coming across as a masochistic, strength-seeker...Or maybe not.

Arcana Rank: 8

Suit: Swords

Nationality: Chinese

-His father
-Strong people
-Fighting to get stronger
-Drawing really bad, but getting better graffiti

-Nosy people
-Carrying a lot of stuff around.
-Things not on sale

-Flirtatious to strong people: Ku admires people as strong or stronger than him and actively pursues them, with hidden intentions, but often with romantic connotations (perhaps unintentionally).

After developing a relationship with Vi, however, his flirtations have significantly decreased, though his admiration for strength has only increased.

-Always ready for a fight: After he finds someone strong, he'll try and fight them to get stronger. If there's a fight underway, you can be sure that Ku is among the first charge. Unfortunately, since he's 15 and still very naive and comparatively weak, him charging headstrong into battles isn't the smartest choice.... He has been getting a lot stronger lately. Thanks to circumstances.

-Impervious to gossip: Drama, dating, politics, etc - After being exposed to rumors, slander, and other fraudulent accusations via National News, Ku's gotten sick of false claims, and tunes out to gossip. If it doesn't involve making him stronger or would impress his father, Ku's probably not interested.

-Positive Attitude
-Protective nature towards close friends and relatives
-Knows exactly what he wants

-His father
-Stubborn Personality
-Selective attention (Warm to strong people, indifferent to others)
-Tunnel vision/Single minded

Ku is heir to a large News Corporation in China, and holds his father in very high regard - maintaining a good academic record and clean reputation in his private and public life to impress him.

When his father and company were heavily slandered on National News, Ku was dismayed that his father did not fight back against the perpetrators. In order to clear his father’s name, Ku decided to take it upon himself to beat up the other party. When word of this made it onto the News, Ku’s father sent Ku out of the country, to let the rumors die down. However, Ku misinterpreted this act as banishment. Moreover, when he heard his father’s statement on National News,

“No son of mine would be that weak – only the weak resort to doing such an act,”

Ku became incredibly hurt. He followed his father’s orders and transferred to a school in Japan, but misinterpreted his father’s words. He now devotes himself to becoming physically stronger, in hopes to one day regain his reputation in his father’s eyes.

He has reconciled with both his Father and Ling since then, on some issues but not all. Though he's gotten stronger physically, his emotional strength is still very weak, having opened up to certain people.

-When Ku transferred over, they didn't have any school uniform pants his size, so he settled for larger pants. In order for them to not fall off, he uses a belt. In the cases that he uses his belt as a weapon, Ku's pants are at high risk of falling off. The pants fit now, though he still has a penchant for wearing loose pants.
-His Chimera is named thus: ChiChi ('Kiki') is the lion, MeMe ('MeiMei') is the goat, and RaRa ('LaLa') is the snake.
-Kiki is very passive aggressive and sweet, MeiMei is 90% of the time asleep (and 10% really grumpy), and LaLa is the smart one. (They don't talk)

-Don't insult Ku's graffiti art, no matter how bad it is - unless you want to start a fight. He's gotten tougher skin, for some reason.
-Rather than rely solely on bodyguards, his father had Ku take martial arts lessons from a good friend after the first kidnapping. Showing a talent for the art, Ku soon surpassed his class, but always lost to his father, which only fueled his drive to become stronger.
-Ku’s cellphone charm is only half a sword. His father holds the other half.
-Ku's favorite brand of clothing and merchandise is a fictional company called Highland and Kite, or 'HK' as more popularly known. They make pretty much anything...
-The cellphone strap is from Vi.

Piggy Bank (includes Inventory):
MM:Ku's Piggy Bank by lushan

Persona App:
MM: Shishi R7 by lushan
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